Building painting plants is a child's play

We make
painting systems
all around the world

All of our machines
produce painted parts
compliant with the required performances,
able to cut the costs,
and maximise the profits


Project analysis

The goal is to guarantee a result in line with the production requirements of the Client in terms of number and quality of painted parts. All of that at the best price available on market.


Designing and drafting

We work to comply with the deadlines and budgets agreed. The design is conceived to improve the performances of the machine: no questionable compromise is allowed.



From drafting to manufacturing, we keep a close focus on every detail. Producing highly complex machines dependable and easy to use may be “a child’s play”, as long as every technical step is strictly supervised: we want our painting plants to assure total reliability, so that every single part comes up perfect, exactly how you need them. And painting parts really becomes a child’s play!



We work to give you the complete control of the machine, to be sure that you use it properly and at its full potential. We take care of instructing the personnel, transferring the whole technical know-how and making available every update through dedicated training sessions.

Client on site

With a first class painting system, competing on the market becomes a child’s play.

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Actually, building painting plants is not a child's play, but it is what we are passionate about and what we excel at. continue

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