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Varnish Tech automated anti-fog painting systems

Automated anti-fog painting systems for car lights. The machinery includes ionisation chamber, anti-fog varnishing apparatus and firing kiln.

Automated anti-fog painting systems for car lights. The machinery includes ionisation chamber, coating apparatus and firing kiln.

Anti-fog technology is Varnish Tech innovative solution to prevent condensation phenomena within car lights, following variations in temperature and humidity.

Varnish Tech develops and manufactures anti-fog coating plants for the inner surface of car lights’ lenses dedicated to the automotive industry.

These highly efficient machineries stand out for their operational simplicity and convenient size.

The transparent coating is applied in the order of magnitude of few microns, with consistent thickness. The lenses come out on trays from the moulding press. A robotic handler collects, ionises and deposits them on a rotary table, where they undergo a process of painting and drying. At the end of the varnishing process, the robot moves them on the trays of the Paternoster kiln. The whole coating process is performed by robots.

3D rendering of an anti-fog painting system

3D rendering of an anti-fog painting system

Automatic chain on edge painting of plastic caps

Realised four our customer leader in the spray cans production. The chain on edge painting cycle works in four phases: ionization, flaming, primer and color at hight volume production.

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