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Technologies and Projects

Varnish Tech was founded in 1998 as a branch of Varnish, a long-established, prominent company in the field of third-part industrial painting.

The company was created with the ambitious goal of innovating concept and design, to produce a new generation of automated painting systems developed around specific key concepts: efficiency, flexibility, automation, reliability of performances and profit margin for finished piece.

The transformations of the market, compelled by a succession of strong pressures both on costs and flexibility, actually ended up creating a fertile soil and the best conditions for our projects.

In December 2023, Varnish Tech was incorporated into TRASMETAL S.p.A., a historic Italian company with 70 years of experience in the field. Thanks to this aggregation, in addition to being able to provide greater organisation and standardisation, we have created a corporate structure capable of responding to customer demands not only mechanical but also documental. We guarantee an interchange of the company's professional figures with excellent technical preparation, with engineers and technical specialists who are able to know the totality of the plant supported by technicians with experience and knowledge.

We have two headquarters: in Milan, and in Galliate (Novara). In Galliate there are two painting plants, different in type, characteristics and type of piece to be treated.
The plants can be visited and are available to customers interested in learning more about the technologies offered by Trasmetal and Varnish Tech or in carrying out tests.

Leadership: Research & Development

Here we come to the true core of Varnish Tech. We see industrial painting plants as a complex system where a critical chemical-physical process takes place: the coating, or surface finishing.

This perspective compels us to invest, study and experiment on the different components of the system: we constantly pursue solutions capable to stabilise and streamline the painting process, while also cutting the costs.

The second guideline of our research is reduction. Reduce formats, costs, maintenance and complexities to make evolved technologies also available for the smallest plants: same performances with improved slenderness.

Last but not least, the study of technologies supporting the process. Robots, paint guns, sensors, paints… We constantly watch over the market leaders of different fields, acquiring knowledge and information about the potential of every element involved in the surface treatment process.

This is how we translate the project into an actual machine, that later on is tested on the field.

Patents & know how

Along time, we have been capitalising on a deep knowledge of every aspect of surface treatment. More than once, we set ambitious landmarks for our competitors with our ahead-of-times patented technologies.

We are talking about pre-released superior technologies , actually capable of producing a significant increase in the performances of an industrial varnishing plant.

By adopting this machinery, you will multiply your strength becoming a top competitor in the increasingly complex and demanding international markets.

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