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Automated painting unit, composed of a painting booth, a flexible carrier and an anthropomorphic robot programmed to perform all the painting operations.

Automated painting unit, composed of a painting booth, a flexible carrier and an anthropomorphic robot programmed to perform all the painting operations.

MPP (Modular Painting Plant) painting units are conceived as an innovative and effective way to design and assemble an automated painting system from a modern perspective.

The basic module consists of

  • A single painting boot,
  • A flexible carrier,
  • A single robot, properly programmed to manage all the phases of the painting cycle.

MPP painting unit is the ultimate response to the needs of contemporary painting market in Industry 4.0, in terms of economy, quality and quantity.

MPP painting units benefits

This solution offers important benefits to the Client:

  1. reduced Time To Market,
  2. reduced size, important energy savings, reduced environmental impact,
  3. quick start-up, user-friendly technology, highest security standards,
  4. long life span of the system, ROI optimisation.

MPP painting units also guarantee flexibility on typology, form and dimension of the pieces to paint (polymers, plastics or ferrous materials) and moreover reliability of the outcome: finished pieces are given in the required amount, corresponding to the agreed quality, and at the best price on market.

A further advantage is the high scalability of the system, allowing to modulate the production in order to give a quick response to the modern needs of markets.

Automatic chain on edge painting of plastic caps

Realised four our customer leader in the spray cans production. The chain on edge painting cycle works in four phases: ionization, flaming, primer and color at hight volume production.

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Varnish Tech built a new automatic painting plant for trucks' bumpers

Varnish Tech designed and built for Cospel, a leading manufacturer of body parts and accessories for the most popular industrial and commercial vehicle models, a fully automated robotized painting line with co2 cleaning, flame treatment, paint kitchen

Lean Painting Line(LPL)

The Lean Painting Line is a skid-mounted workpiece handling line, which enters the application booth and can return to it for a wet-on-wet cycle. The AHU is equipped with an energy recovery system, saving up to 80% of costs.

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(LPL) Lean Painting Line 2

An example of the Lean Painting Line (LPL) designed and manufactured by Varnish Tech: a compact, automatic line, which allows a quick change from gun to cup, for painting parts with demanding specifications or fragmented batches.

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Our systems from the varnishers’ point of view: production lines are flexible - also for the purposes of the single support -, and reliable: the finished workpieces result in the exact preset amount and quality, at the best market price.

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