New Varnish tech plant for train bumpers- Automated systems for industrial painting

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New Varnish Tech painting plant for train bumpers

New Varnish Tech painting plant for train bumpers
Train bumpers

Train bumpers

A whole new Varnish Tech plant for the painting of bumpers, not for automotive, but for trains.
Site in Poland a new robotized plant can satisfy the technical and aesthetic requests for trains made by a leader multinational in this sector

Are you looking for systems to paint plastic or metal?
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  • Two different industrial varnishing systems are available in our headquarters for visits, tests and trials.
  • Our personnel is fully available by phone or e-mail to provide supplementary information, advice and recommendations on the solutions that best fit your investment.

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Research & Development are our deepest core. We see industrial painting plants as complex systems where a critical chemical-physical process takes place: the coating, or surface finishing.

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New Varnish tech plant for train bumpers
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